Lucia DeVere


Night 1:

- Emerged in the River Kosh in her Relic rowboat, encountered Akrieth, on fire, warned her about ‘Paul Abbitoni

- Went to the Citadel, encountered Legionary patrol, was processed by the Hierarchy, Maelstrom caused by riots hit the Citadel bringing Spectre raiders, spoke to Bill Mayfield. locked down in the Citadel for the night, went on patrol

Day 2:
- Went to see Johnathan Lockwood, Shadow interfered, revealing Lucia’s presence, caught up, ended up talking about Lina, found out details of Jonathan’s circumstances

- Located Rick and Alice with Lifeweb, went to them, discovered they were looking for Heather, went to her, had her locate her parents, used Keening to convince police officer to let her leave Transfusion in order to go to them, they returned home, after which Lucia left them

Day 3:

Lucia DeVere

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