Newhaven is an experimental roleplaying project using the entirety of White Wolf’s Old World of Darkness line. It began in late July 2013 and continues to this day. The players take the role of any supernatural (Vampire, Mage, etc.) they wish, set in the fictional city of Newhaven, New York (unrelated to the real city of New Haven, Connecticut). Irregular sessions typically involve the GM and one or two players, depending on whether their characters would conceivably interact. The running goal is to create a shared, interconnected sandbox setting with numerous and largely player-driven plots running throughout it.

The current line-up of player characters is:

- Adrian Jensen, a werespider operating as an FBI agent.

- Drogo, a free Gargoyle, recently having elevated himself to Prince of Newhaven.

- Lucia DeVere, a venerable Wraith, jilted by her fiancée in life, attempting to break a cycle of destruction and rebirth so that she might Transcend.

- A mysterious Awakened being of barely known to any others, referred to as the Masked Mage, being bound to a mask of great magickal power and a will all its own.

- Matthew Harridan, a Cult of Ecstasy inebrimancer getting to grips with the Awakened world.